Anuj Decorators

Services : Our Process

All the services rendered by us go through a finely harmonized processes.
Anuj Decorators is one of the few wedding decoration companies that has all the necessary processes under one roof.

In consultation with our clients we narrow down on a design they choose. The choice is either made from our extensive snapshots and images or it is our client's own creativity. We further help our client to create a beautiful set design from his concepts. While we appreciate that a design / theme can be enriched by our cooperation, we also know that a wedding is fundamentally an occasion which is special to the client. So we encourage and look forward to our patron's personal involvement.

A blueprint is sketched helping to show how the design will actually look. This also enables any necessary improvisations, if called for. A faithful sketch goes a long way in emphasizing on the areas that provide stability to the set and those requiring special attention in the structure.

In step with the modern technology, our tech savvy marketing and PR departments mount a 2D or 3D presentations to facilitate better understanding for our clients. This helps in order to obtain needful interaction for any necessary amendments. Theme stages, virtual walkthroughs where visual effects are used to illustrate how display lights appear. A glitter here and a hint of glamour there goes a long way to make the design wonderful.

Once the design is approved we begin work on the construction of the set.

The approved blue print a model of the set or a 3D representation gives us a perfect idea on how the set design will look once constructed. It also aids to create inimitable designs which are elegant and sophisticated. This exercise further helps us to focus on areas which need extra attention in terms of safety of the structure.

Once the set design has got the final approval, the production and logistic team along with the artisans immediately set out to work harmoniously. We begin by having a thorough planning meeting where areas of work are divided according to the expertise. Supervisors then build their team with the artisans and begin by sourcing materials for work. As we have all our items and material in our workshop no time is wasted. Furthermore they diligently craft the set at our workshop under the strict and professional supervision of team leaders.

With efficiency and proficiency the set design is completed. While we swiftly work toward constructing and building the stage structure, features like safety, style and elegance are foremost at all times. The approved blue print of the design is regularly referred to which aids in pointing out any small yet important details we must pay more attention to. This is because we at Anuj Decorators pay as much emphasis on safety of the stage as we do to the beauty and aesthetics of the structure and its background.

Meeting Deadlines:
Meeting our deadline is a sustained aspect of Anuj Decorators. Our production team along with the artisans and other craft persons, work rapidly to set up the structure, fine tune it and ready it for the most special occasion of your life.

24x7 Vigilance / Constant Care / Assured Assistance:
Right from set construction to the time it has to be pulled down, our supervisor along with a team member is available to the client in case required.