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Services : Core Services

Elegant, classy and on time

Our expertise honed over a period of 30 years makes your wedding occasions truly memorable.

Strict adherence to guidelines and attention is paid to every item in the design. Care is taken to see that no details are compromised during constructing and decorating your dream wedding.

We combine:
Efficiency – As we are a one stop solution company, much time is saved where getting together the infrastructure is involved. On time delivery – It results in a quick "TurnAroundTime" and timely completion of the project Reliability – Our expert logistic and production team pay attention to every little details to make the structure safe and reliable. With comfort, sophistication and elegance.

Our cost-effective, customized services include:
• Venue construction : The first point of wedding decoration is to construct the sets with all its aesthetics – the vidhimandap, set design, flower decoration etc. This creates the ambience for the wedding.

• Special lights : We place decorative lights at places to enhance designs, spotlights bringing into focus the important details and other designer lights heightening the impact of complete wedding decor.

• Floral decoration: Rainbow of vibrant colours and numerous styles of floral arrangements boost the overall beauty of the decorations.

• Landscaping as per theme: Whether the theme is traditional (Rajwada style) or contemporary (Bollywood glamour), the landscaping is done accordingly to brighten its ambience.

• Wedding décor: When it comes to decorating the whole venue we dress it up at every important step:
1. Main gate: It welcomes you as a real VVIP
2. Walkway (passage): Your walk through the superbly decorated passage is as if getting a red carpet reception
3. Second gate: It represents your entry into the divine atmosphere
4. Stage structures: Attractive and innovative designs amplify the beauty of the setting.
5. Vidhimandaps: The sanctity of rituals gets a right setting
6. Lounge: The lounges are beautifully designed for guests torelax and interact.
7. Food counters: The food counters are aesthetically blended to match the theme of the set design.
8. Properties according to themes: Be it the backdrop or the ambience, the decor at the wedding are in harmony with the themes.
9. V.V.I.P arrangements: These are specially made keeping in mind the status and position of special invitees
10. Orchestra stage: It is a perfect platform to entertain the guests with foot-tapping, melodious music.
11. Full lawn carpeting: The lush and soft carpets provide extra luxury thus enriching the ambience and enhancing comfort.