Anuj Decorators

About us : Team

Ours is an inspiring story that began thirty years ago....

Premjibhai Prajapati always loved flowers and nature. So it was not surprising when as a young lad, he began working with his brother in their nursery at Santacruz - West. During those days he used to undertake elaborate landscaping and flower arrangements at weddings to enhance the beauty of the decorations.

Late Arunaben was in-demand designer of decorative wedding sets. She was impressed with Premjibhai's passion for gorgeous décor. She teamed up with Premjibhai which heralded the beginning of Anuj Decorators. Anuj Decorators was established in 1981.

After the inception of Anuj Decorators, initial assignments ofstage structures were based on Arunaben's designs. Premjibhai's talent for beautiful decorations and commitment to the art was nurtured and 'Anuj Decorators' blossomed into a large enterprise. Now it is one of the market leaders in lavish set designs, attractive backdrop and decorations. Today, Anuj Decorators, is being taken care of by the next generation providing highly customized services to suit your individual tastes and needs.

Today, Anuj Decorators is one of the top notch wedding decorators and worthy of a prestigious mention. It therefore stands to reason that Anuj Decorators is on the panel of the prestigious RWITC for stage designs, decorations and other adornments. It is a rare honor to be on the panel of RWITCas this credit is accorded only to four decorators in Mumbai.